Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the Temple of the Marshmallow Kings

Oh, I am a mad, mad craftwoman! Finding myself unable to procure the flower-shaped cake decorating sprinkles that I had so foolishly declined to purchase just the previous day, I turned to other methods of decorating an Easter cake. Powerful methods. Terrible methods.

Sugar-coated marshmallow methods.

Behold, the Temple of the Marshmallow Kings:


Marshmallow priests encircle their two-faced god, while worshippers bring more offerings of jelly-bird gems.

Those who pass within the temple walls find respite in the pastel splendor of the cakey sanctuary.

The cake itself was made using the method (but not the recipe) found at Omnomicom.


  1. Curious... I just saw the cake you mention yesterday, and I want to try something like that.

  2. If you visit the link at the bottom of the post to Omnomicon, it takes you to the web page that explains how to get the colored swirls. Ignore her cake recipe (unless it interests you), just see how she layers the colors in the pan before baking.

  3. I saw the cake in Omnomicon. I was looking for an image of a rainbow, to illustrate a post about a swap I organized in a forum, and that cake fall on my lap.
    The recipe is confused for me, we use different measures, but I believe that any simple cake recipe can work just fine.

    P.S. - Forgot to logout and login again, so... this is "me" again.

  4. Right, it's not about the recipe for the cake - any white cake batter will work. You just divide the batter into smaller bowls, dye each bowlful a different color, then pour the batter right in the middle of the cake pan, one color after another. The colors don't mix, they just spread out in concentric circles.