Monday, December 22, 2008

Waving the White Flag

I surrender. There is no way I can complete the sewing on 4 more purses and do the hand-work (sewing the lining to the zipper) on all 7 in the next 2 days. Not even if I don't go to work or sleep.

Instead, the ladies will be getting cards with scraps of the purse fabrics sewn onto them, explainging the situation, to be redeemed at the family Easter gathering.

Ah. That feels much better.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I've got *how* many days left 'til Christmas???

I am freaking insane.

I've got the gifts for the guys in my family-of-origin made: scarves made of tie silk, lined with flannel. Warm, but classy.

But, like an idiot, I decided to make purses for the ladies. Views C and D of this one, from Butterick. That's a little more involved than a scarf. And I only got the last of the materials today last night. (I'm typing this at one in the morning, after washing and pressing all the fabrics, before going to bed.)

My family does Christmas on Christmas Eve. If I can make one purse a day, I'll get the gifty ones done just in time. If I can get at least three done over this weekend, I'll be able to make mine before then, as well. If I don't get mine done along with everyone else's, it will never get made. I know this from past experience. I make a dozen of something for gifts, and get so sick of looking at the same project over and over that I just give up on my own.

Wish me luck, and a lack of gremlins in the sewing machine.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You'd be melancholy, too...

...if you were a lambsquid.

Melissa Sue Stanley is a crafter after my own heart. She paints, crochets, embroiders, and finds interesting ways to put them all together. She calls her creations that have yet to find new homes "free-loaders," adjuring them to "go out and earn a buck, you bastards."

Surely, you need a free-loading melancholy lambsquid monster in your house!