Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In the Temple of the Marshmallow Kings

Oh, I am a mad, mad craftwoman! Finding myself unable to procure the flower-shaped cake decorating sprinkles that I had so foolishly declined to purchase just the previous day, I turned to other methods of decorating an Easter cake. Powerful methods. Terrible methods.

Sugar-coated marshmallow methods.

Behold, the Temple of the Marshmallow Kings:


Marshmallow priests encircle their two-faced god, while worshippers bring more offerings of jelly-bird gems.

Those who pass within the temple walls find respite in the pastel splendor of the cakey sanctuary.

The cake itself was made using the method (but not the recipe) found at Omnomicom.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Turning Trick for Hookers

The date on this post is wrong. Today is March 34. ;)

Traditionally, when you're crocheting something with more than one row in it (which is anything other than a simple edging, of course), you get from the end of your current row to the beginning of the next row by crocheting a few chain stitches, which count as the first stitch of the next row. On flat pieces, this can make an edge that's a little wobbly looking, and on round pieces, it leaves a visible seam.

YouTube video poster TXCr1cket demonstrates a method for creating a freestanding double crochet stitch to replace those wobbly, seam-ly chains. It makes a nice even edge in flatwork, and a nearly invisible seam in round works. Watch and learn: