Friday, October 2, 2009

The Samhain '09 Issue of the AntiCraft is Up

And it's all about me me me! Seriously, in just this issue I have four projects and a review. It wasn't planned, I just kept having ideas, and failed to realize how much I was trying to do at one time. I managed to get it all done anyway.

Flask Jacket: A sewn fabric cover for a hip flask. "Dress up a plain hip flask for a night at the cemetery, cover the claw marks left on it from the last full moon, or just remind yourself which flask has the whiskey and which has the O-negative."

Restraint: "It's what you apply to your slave's wrist or ankle.

It's what you ask of a dirty old man in a forum full of crafty girls. (He knows who he is.)

It's what you show when your servant spills the wine again. Unless you don't."

A carrying harness for a wine bottle made from thrifted belts.

Hoist By Your Own Picard: A cordial. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hard."

Terpon's Cup: A spiced honeydew melon cordial. "I'd like to think Terpon might have made libation of such a drink as this in honor of noble Aphrodite."

Review: Xela's Disposable Flasks. Perfect for sharing your home made, um...infusions with distant friends.

Whew! That's a lot of crafting and writing. I think I'll take a break on the next issue, Imbolc '10. But don't worry; I'll let you know when it comes out. Maybe you'd like to contribute, to take up some of my slack? The theme for that one is food. After all, it's best to eat something, if you're going to drink.


  1. "Tea, Earl Gray, hard," has a beautiful economy of language to it. So much being said in so few words.

  2. Why, thank you! :)