Friday, April 10, 2009

Two New Releases!

I'm so pleased! 42 Magazine's inaugural issue has finally been released! It's forty-four pages of wonderful writing and art, all wrapped up inside gorgeously rich cover art by Kathleen Flannigan. Page seven features an article by yours truly about thrifty crafting, accompanied by the wonderful illustrations of Danielle Thillet. There's parables and poetry and pictures, with very little silly alliteration!

Here in pixel-land, the Beltane '09 issue of the AntiCraft, Attack of the Merkins is live. (I should warn you that the pictures in this ish may not be safe for work. It probably depends on where you work.) You'll find my offerings in this issue bright and shiny, and later you'll be able to see another. I'll let you know when that one's available for viewing. Don't the let the wait make your brown eyes blue. ;)

Both 42 and the AntiCraft are always looking for your submissions of creativity for publication.

42 looks for "...articles, poems, and stories that illuminate the themes of a meaningful life, whatever that means to you. Our thematic focus -- if indeed something so diffuse can even be called a focus -- is on: Peace :: Justice :: Ecology :: Economy :: Self-reliance :: Simplicity :: Reason :: Joy :: Love :: Art "

For more details on the what, how, and where, visit 42's submission information page.

The Anticraft likes "Craft in any media (weaving, metallurgy, crochet, soul-painting, cooking, or other any medium you can bend to your will)... so long as results are reproducible by your tutorial, it doesn't suck, and it is previously unpublished (blogs count). " The what/how/where for the AC is found at their submission page. The theme for the next issue is embroidery, but you should submit whatever moves you. If we like it, we'll find a place for it in a future issue.

I hope to see something from you in the inboxes soon!

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